Xbox Series X with pass through on Sony HT-ST5000

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Hi guys,

Ok quick question if anyone can help....

At present I have my Apple TV, Xbox One X plugged into the back of the Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar, then a single HDMI cable goes direct to the ARC input on the back of the Panasonic GZ950 65" TV

Am I still ok to do this with the new Series X and get the best picture/sound, or do I need to route the HDMI from the back of the Series X straight to the back of the TV in the 2.1 (2.0b) HDMI input? Cant remember actually if that's the ARC input or not..

Thanks :)


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A quick google suggests it supports 4K pass thru.

“All are HDCP 2.2 ready for your various 4K sources (UHD player, Xbox One X, Amazon Fire 4K) but need to be configured before being paired. Select Enhanced over Standard, in order to support 4K 60p and 4:4:4 (or incrementally lower) video settings.”

The question to ask yourself, is what supports more of the video features on offer by the Xbox? The TV or the soundbar.

ie, if your TV supports [email protected], your soundbar Seemingly doesn’t, so at that point you’d need to weigh up your options.

Probably wait for someone else to confirm what I’ve written is also true 😂


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A lot of ‘next gen’ is gonna be suck it and see. 95% of folks won’t know what they’re missing/won’t miss it. I’m sure!

(by that I mean, if you don’t ‘see’ [email protected], you’ll not know about it kinda thing)

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