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Can anyone assist with a set up question. I recently purchased an LG OLED55b16la TV to work with my denon avr x2500h. Everything is set up except the series x. When going through the amp the Xbox says it doesn't support gaming HDR And vision or the [email protected] (even though my Panasonic 820 show Dolby vision and HDR as active). I can get all options when plugged directly into the tv. My questions are does the amp not supporting [email protected] stop the vision and HDR from being usable? Also is there a way to send the audio to the surround separately so I can still use atmos for gaming?


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Yes. Connect the Xbox to the TV directly and use arc to transfer audio. You will get Dolby Atmos but it will be lossy as it's using DD+ container to transfer Atmos. If you want lossless audio you need an eARC compatible receiver or something to extract audio like link below

Amazon product

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I have set up a series X this afternoon, connected to a Panasonic JZ2000, eARC to a Yamaha A4A.

Downloaded the Dolby app and it doesn't matter what setting the output is on the Xbox, be it 7.1 uncompressed, Atmos, whatever, I am getting nothing but intermittent sound drops.

Can anybody advise please?

Edit; worked out what it is. When 120Hz is enabled and I either opt for 7.1 uncompressed (default) or Atmos, there are intermittent sound drops.

If anybody knows why, other than maybe a cable issue, I'd be obliged. I'll attempt a cable swap tomorrow.
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