Xbox Series X / S Successful Pre Ordered Thread

Saxo Appeal

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Maybe an idea to set this thread up to welcome everyone who has managed to successfully Pre-Order an Xbox Series X / S :)

Good luck everyone, I'm just up for work in Holland,... so I'll bag an Xbox X an hour before everyone.... :rotfl::p;)


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Got one pre-ordered after a few pages refreshes on the MS store page, where is seems to be still available for now.

Amazon's link was dead until about 8.10am, then was available for about 5 mins, and is now sold out.


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Bagged one on the rainforest site...


Managed to bag one from the MS Store Online, site was a bit slow and started to panic, but the order went through. Cost me £389.99 due to redeeming 71000 Bing Rewards points. Cant wait for this baby to arrive.

Indiana Jones

Was concerned when some were saying they had pre-ordered from Amazon yet I was getting errors but they resolved themselves by 10 past and the pre-order went through :)


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My word, terrible experience, all sites falling over constantly!!!

Finally got mine from Amazon :clap: :thumbsup:


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Got a order in successfully at Amazon - tried the Game site but clearly their servers not up to the demand......again.


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Xbox Series X successful order from Argos.


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Managed to get one from Argos, was trying from 8am and couldn't get anywhere on Game, Smyths, MS Store, PC World. Argos was the same but it was the first one to sort itself out so I managed to get one from there, I didn't really want to as I'm not sure how good their customer service is afterwards but it was the only one working for me.

Typically once I finished my order Game and the MS Store started working fine for me to add to basket :laugh: . Anyways it's done from Argos and hopefully it'll arrive on time.


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Got one first from Argos, and then finally a successful order from Amazon.

Gonna keep both till sure the Amazon one has gone through.


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Sorted, straight forward, expected problems, but got one straight off the bat on Amazon and a back up on tesco


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Amazon for me as well.


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Got an S for the daughter on the MS store. Very relieved. Its her birthday the week before launch.


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Managed to get a Series X from Amazon via their app, which is good, because I had gift cards tied up with them and more than enough to cover the cost of this.


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Managed to bag a Series X from Amazon. Relieved! I don't enjoy the pre order rat race anymore.


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Amazon 👍


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Was hovering over both an X and S in the Microsoft store....but backed out for now.
I have an Xbox One X and i think i'm happy to wait and see what the reviews are like for both consoles as i am not in desperate need.

My head is saying just buy an S, as i get to game less and less these days but my heart was screaming for the X :D

If anyone is still looking, the Microsoft store seems to be the best option now

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