Xbox Series X, Philips PUS8545 plus Samsung S61T with SWA8500S


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Dear Community,

first of all a very happy and healthful 2022 to all of you!

I was reading this forum for a while and I wonder if anybody could help me.

I own a Philips 58PUS8545 plus the Samsung Soundbar S61T (same as the S60T, but in lightgrey). The soundbar is connected wireless to the 2 rear speakers from the SWA-8500S Package and the Subwoofer. I play on a Xbox Series X. The console ist connected to the TV via ARC by a Oelbach 4K HDMI cable, same as the Soundbar. The Smartthings-App tells me, that the Soundbar has the newest Firmware, which is HW-S61TWWB-1021.080. The TV has also the latest available Firmware.

My TV is set to Mehrkanal-Bypass (must be Multichannel-Bypass in english). The Xbox is set to Dolby Digital. With this Settings, I get most of the Sound from the Center (the S61T Soundbar) and some Sound from the Surroundspeakers. Ok, but it could do much better.

If I switch the TV to Stereo and the Console to Dolby Digital, i get more Sound from the surrounds, but it feels not really well and not very "surroundish".

Here now to the most mysterious thing I discovered. If I switch the TV to Bypass and the Xbox to Atmos, I get the whole Surround experience, with very descent surround sounds, but the Xbox Is not behaving very well and stable. Sometimes the Sound is missing etc. Especially in the Xbox Menu. Sometimes the TV Sound is gone at all and only pulling the Plug fixes it. Might be, because the Soundbar doesn't support Atmos, but the TV does :cool: The TV also shows the Atmos Logo, while set to that Setting.

If I set the TV only to multichannel, without Bypass, it sounds almost the same as set to Dolby Digital, like I stated above. But the Experiment shows me, that the Soundbar plus Surrounds can handle the Sound very well and very "surroundish". But why only if set to Atmos? Dolby Digital should be up to 7.1 channels... at least 5.1. Or am I not right?

Hopefully someone can help me in that matter... any help is very much appreciated :)
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