Xbox Series X hardware issues??


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I’m curious to know if anyone else here has encountered these issues. I’ve had external HDD issues, and just recently SX controller sync problems.

From the console‘s launch I noticed within the first few weeks that sometimes when powering on from Energy saving mode that my 4TB External HDD didn’t appear to be detected. I would notice this as the game selection visible in My Games and Apps would be just the handful of Internal SSD games, rather than my usual ‘shit loads’.

This problem is rectified by just unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in again, then all my games would swiftly re-appear.

This 4TB drive died some months back, it’s no longer detected by the Xbox. I chalked this up to just being one of those things, as the drive had been in use since the previous Xbox One X launch. I then switched to a 2TB HDD which has been fine for months, but I have noticed the same behaviour now occurring this last week, where I need to disconnect and reconnect the 2TB drive to get the games to be detected again.

I’m now a little paranoid that my Series X may be slowly damaging my external drives, as this is the second one to start acting up.

Furthermore, to add to those concerns I have now observed my Series X controller not syncing with the console after powering up from Energy saving mode. The SX controller firmware is already up to date.

On the controller front this is a very recent issue. It’s now happened 4 days running and always seems to be the first time the console is booted up each day. To connect the controller each time I have to wire it to the console and then it stays synced when I unplug it.

I’ll try to remember to switch to my old Xbox One Scorpio controller first thing tomorrow just to test if that has the same issue, that should help me pinpoint if it’s a controller or console problem.

So, anyone else had an experience similar to this? 🤔

Jimmy Grease

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nothing of the sort, the HD issue sounds strange, have you tried plugging the drives into a tv or laptop and seeing if they can be reformatted,


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I've got an 8TB Seagate drive HDD (and 2TB Crucial SSD) that I'm using with my XSX.

The Seagate was used with my Scorpio X from before and was simply swapped between consoles without any issues.

Are you using the same USB adaptor that you had on 4TB drive on the 2TB drive? It might be an adaptor, or even the 2TB failing, if the problem is similar.

Any chance of being able to format the 2TB HDD and then downloading games again? You shouldn't need to worry about game saves (they should be synced to the cloud). Setup those games you have now to simply download over night (or two depending on how much you have and how slow of a broadband connection).

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