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Basically for me, when I open up a game that supports HDR, 85% of the time the screen goes black for a second (with the HDR logo in the top right corner of the screen) then changes to HDR as the game loads up which is completely normal. Unfortunately the issue for me is about 15% of the time, when changing to HDR, my screen would stay black but oddly I can still use my Series X with a black screen so I don't see what I'm doing at all. To fix this, I just play a guessing game as if I'm blind. While the screen is black I press the Xbox Home button and then Press the A button so that it goes back to the home screen and the HDR mode gets disabled and I no longer have a black screen. I really hope that my Series X doesn't have a permanent hardware issue such as the HDMI port or something and that this issue is just Xbox software related and can be patched with a future update or something. My Series X is the limited edition Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary model so if it's defective, I'm really screwed because it's sold out everywhere. I would have to buy another one on eBay for over $1000 and I don't want to go through the big hassle of servicing it to Microsoft. :/ Is it possible that my Series X is having trouble syncing with my LG C9 OLED TV and maybe they're not 100% compatible? Do you think this problem would get fixed if I bought I newer TV model that supports HDR and all the other new technology? I really want to get the new 2022 Samsung QD OLED TV this spring so would this do the trick? The QD OLED technology is basically a hybrid of Samsung Quantum Dot technology and OLED technology so you get the best of both.

* Do you also have the black screen issue after changing to HDR while using your Series X on your C9?
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