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I was thinking of buying an Xbox series X. Since I dont' have (and don't really want to buy) a separate 4k blu ray player, I'd planned on just using the series X as a player too.

I've read in various places, that there are issues with stuttering playback, issues with true 24fps blu rays, and issues playing 100gb discs.

Does anyone here have experience of these issues? I searched the forum here and did not see any recent chat. The threads I've seen elsewhere are a little old, so not sure if these issues are now resolved.



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I will just say this, the console itself might be whisper quiet but when playing a disc it makes a noticeable hum plus it will draw a lot more power than a stand alone player.


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I found it completely unusable as a blu ray player. Wouldn't even start playing The Matrix 4K, and Blade Runner 2049 4K had heaps of sound issues then froze about twenty minutes in. I looked online and the consensus seemed to be that the Blu-ray play back app was terrible and long in need of an update. From my experience I wouldn't recommend it as a Blu-ray player.


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Thanks for your thoughts @francobegbie - disappointing to hear. My PS4 was a pretty decent blur ray player, and way back before that, the original xbox was a decent (if a bit clunky in terms of control and interface) DVD player, at least from what I remember.


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I use the Series X as a secondary player in my living room.

The disc noise is an issue for me. And the power light is distracting unless I rotate the console so it's not facing my viewing position.

Playing 4K discs is adequate, but older DVDs will crash my console when changing layers.

There are various sound issues relating to how the Xbox handles audio codecs when playing through AV receivers.


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The actual picture quality in my experience on the series X is pretty good but there are some caveats. The disc noise on the Series X is similar to a loud PC fan and will be audible in the room in quiet moments in the film. If this bothers you then it'll be a deal breaker.

The second issue is the Bluray application doesn't yet support Dolby Vision so you're not getting tone mapped HDR which can have a big impact on the picture if your TV supports it.

I bought a LG UBK90 standalone player last year as the lack of Dolby Vision and the wifes refusal to have the volume louder than a whisper meant using the Xbox was out for me. That being said I do love gaming on the Series X and still use it for occasional 4k movies in the game room.


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I've recently watched Dune 4k and experienced no visual or audio issues with the xbox sx..

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