Xbox Series X and 4k Ultra HD Bluray Playback issues


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I'm having issues playing back 4k Ultra HD blurays on my Xbox Series X.

My Xbox Series X is connected via HDMI cable supplied with the Series X directly to HDMI 1 on the TV on a 55 LG CX (with latest software update). Resolution is [email protected]

Video modes:
Allow 50Hz, 24Hz, auto-latency mode, variable refresh rate, 4k, HDR10, Dolby Vision are all enabled.

Allow YCC 4:2:2 is off.
Auto HDR is off.

Speaker settings:
Bitstream out, Bitstream format: Dolby Atmos.

Bluray settings:
Let my receiver decode audio - on

Lord of the Rings 4k Ultra HD Bluray:
Crackling audio:

Dolby Atmos constantly popping up top right:

I can disable Dolby Atmos in the LG TV settings however I still get a reminder to enable it during the film!

HDCP message sometimes:

Ghostbusters 2 4k Ultra HD Bluray
Dolby Atmos messages followed by black screen (the Xbox side bar can still be opened)

Independence Day 4k Ultra HD Bluray & Die Hard 1080p Blu ray
I have tried Die Hard Blu-Ray which has DTS HD Master Audio and Independence Day Ultra HD blu ray which has DTS:X on my Xbox Series X and I have the following issues.

With Audio settings set to "HDMI audio: Bistream out, Bitstream format: Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre" I get the error message from the Blu ray app "Your audio receiver can't decode this. Go to Settings -> Devices & connections -> Blu Ray, and deselect the option to let your receiver decode audio. Then play the disc again. (0x91d7000e).

I have tried setting bit stream format to: DTS or Dolby Digital and I get the same error message in the blu ray app.

I have also tried HDMI audio: 5.1 uncompressed and 7.1 uncompressed but the Xbox wont accept that setting with the error message "There was a problem using this setting. Make sure your audio receiver supports it. Also, make sure to choose at least one audio setting. Both cannot be off. (0x80bd0009)."

I have try Stereo uncompressed, I can go back to play the blu ray but I get the same error message that the audio receiver cannot decode this.

I haven't tried unticking let receiver decode audio.. would that help?

Does anyone else have these issues?

I've have also tried connecting up my old Xbox One X to the TV with it's supplied HDMI cable also and it had similar issues.


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I’d suggest it’s your cable if you get it on the other Xbox


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I’d suggest it’s your cable if you get it on the other Xbox

It did the same thing with the Xbox One X with its cable not the one used with Series X

I got DTS to work by deselecting let receiver decode the audio. But that is just a faff to toggle on and off depending if the title is DTS.

I experienced 3 blank screens in Die Hard last night but at least they were short.


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May sound daft but sometimes cables are one way have you tried reversing it, I had a problem a few years ago like that

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