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I just had a major Hard Drive failure on my UK Xbox :( so I've invested in a memory card to protect me in the future. However, I was amazed at the difference in the sizes of my 2 saved games - Crash Bandicoot is 7 blocks, while Halo is a whopping 231!

I'm buying some more games soon (maybe Splinter Cell, Timesplitters 2, Blinx) - can someone tell me how many blocks these games use up? I would like to be able to save more than 3 games per memory card!

As an aside - can someone explain why the Halo save is so big (it's only 1 player saved).




If you've got a bunch of user profiles kicking around, I can see that taking up some space.

With Halo, the single player save keeps track of your exact save point, your life, and current weapons/ammo; not to mention the state/number of the baddies in the current area. Some of the areas span a pretty large piece of terrain, so that's a lot of monster points to keep track of. Add in weapons lying around the floor, recent bloodstains on the walls, and any number of other environmental variables, and the size starts to make sense.

I haven't played Crash Bandicoot on the X-Box, but if it's like the others, it just keeps track of which levels you've completed, and number of lives.
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