XBOX & RGB - red/purple screen

Matt F

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Weird one this - bought an RGB cable for my new modded Xbox - connect it all up and the picture is red/purple colour - I've tried this straight into the SCART input on my Panny PW7. The colours on composite are fine BTW.

Can't find any settings in the various Xbox menus to set the video output to RGB - you can set screen ratio settings (16:9, widescreen etc) and PAL 60 but nothing on the type pf output.

Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks,


Matt F

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jimcarney said:
Just make sure it is connected properly ,or one of the pins could be bent !

Checked the pins - they look fine and the plasma's input works fien on RGB out from the Freeview box.

I guess the lead could be faulty but it's a brand new Game one so I wouldn't have thought so.



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Sounds like the kind of result you get when you put component RGB over a standard RGB Scart.


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Hi Matt

Sadly my friend is still not having any luck with his xbox and new JVC lcd screen.
We think there might be a fault on his lcd because all devices display a purple imagine when set to output a rgb picture in scart socket 2 yet they all work fine on scart socket 1.

I will let you know if we come up with any news.


Matt F

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Sorted! Dodgy RGB lead from Game was the culprit - swopped it for the official Xbox one and Bob's yer uncle!


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