Xbox restarting when TV turns off


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I have just noticed a problem which i cant quite understand.
Im still trying to work out if its related tp the new Xbox dash or not.

Whenever i turn off my TV, the Xbox restarts...
I have tried it with the Xbox on and off, and both times, the green light flashes a few times (like it does when you have got active downloads etc) and then fully turns back on.
I have tested this by turning off the TV with the on/off button instead of the remote, and it still happens, so it is not interference from the remote.

My TV (see my sig) has a 'CNET+' mode which, i think, means HDMI devices should turn on/off with the TV, but this is turned off. (even when its on, it does not recognise the Xbox)

I have also checked the Xbox settings, but cannot find anything that is insturcting it to turn off/on with the TV.

This has only started happening since the update, but recenly i have been playing around with connections between TV and Xbox - so not sure if me changing things has caused it.
Currently, i have the Xbox connected to the TV by HDMI, and then i have removed the casing from a AV cable, so that is also plugged in, with the Optical going to my amp.

Anyone had similar issues? anyone actually know what CNET+ does? (now thinking about it, im not 100% sure thats what its called)

Edit: its Anynet+. And should not be applicable

"Anynet+ is a function that enables you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet+ with your Samsung
TV's remote. The Anynet+ system can be used only with Samsung devices that have the Anynet+ feature. To be sure your
Samsung device has this feature, check if there is an Anynet+ logo on it."
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AnyNet is Samsungs implementation of the industry standard CEC and this behaviour occurs unless you have a special dongle in the AV port also.


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ah ok, so my bodge stripped down cable is at fault?
Looks like i'll be needing the dongle then

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