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xbox red ping lights!!!???


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:lease:Can anyone help and explain!
Ive been playing xbox live recently and people keep throwing me off...and im not sure why!
When i look at the game lobby most of the players have 2 yellow or 3 green dots by their name. Please explan what this means and why I keep gettin booted. One guy said he'd let me play even tho i had 1 red dot and woud give me the benefit of the doubt once confirming over the mic i was from the uk...dont know why!!!or what difference it made where i was from.
how do i get yellow/green dots also?
i have a fairly good connection...its 7.2mbps...
anyone help? thank you


You don't say what game you're playing, but the dots usually represent signal strength. Having someone in the game with a poor signal is more likely to introduce lag, which is probably why you're getting those reactions from other players.

How is your 360 hooked up? Wired? Wireless? Does it pass the connection test without any errors or mentions of NAT issues? Do you ever have problems getting into games or communicating with other players via voice chat?

BTW, run a speed test and ping test from your PC here: -


Once each test is done, you'll have the option to generate a forum link so you can post the results on here, which will look like this: -

If you post yours up, that will help rule out any ISP issues.
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im playing on rainbow six vegas...my xbox is connected via my ethernet to my laptop and i use a vodafone 3g dongle. i had to manually set my ip and primary dns usng my xbox because of connection issues...dont have any NAT issues i dont think...
but then im not super computer literate! :O)
ill just try those things youve suggested...
thank you.x


Your pings are huge and I'm not surprised your getting 1 red bar would it not be more cost effective to get proper broadband how much does the single cost you a month


That's not the best result I've ever seen, but it's not awful either. It sounds like you know what you're doing when it comes to IP/DNS settings and it doesn't sound like NAT is an issue. Do you experience frequent lag in online multiplayer games (more than the norm)? Is the Rainbow Six problem just an isolated incident?

I'm not sure that the connection icons in games can always be trusted. I play online regularly with a friend who literally lives about 100 metres away from me and we both use the same ISP and have good connections, but in Street Fighter IV his connection always shows up as the worst possible, yet we've never had any issues with lag.

If everything is set up correctly, then I don't see what more you can do other than changing ISPs.


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When you say dongle does that imply a mobile broadband one if so i would blame that, mobile dongle broadband is the biggest jip ever they sell it with expected speeds but you never get half the expected because of coverage!


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I pay ten pound a month for 3gbs which suits my needs..I don't have a landline so it would not b cost effective to get broadband

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