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Most of you probably know that two new maps are available for download.
One is called Scharins and is 1179 blocks.
The other is called Close Quarter and is 1410 blocks.

These maps look like non co-op maps (terroist hunt and mission)

There was also a required update which I had to download 1st, so prepare yourself for a bit of a wait whilst all this gets downloaded.


You really need to get out more and stop playing games :D ;)


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Out???? Out where???? There's an 'Out'????
lol come to think of it i'm not sure there is an out :laugh:


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Heres details on what the auto update fixes......(Sadly no lean glitch fix yet:( )................

Monday 03.22.04
Auto-Update #2 Is Available & New Map Info!

The Auto-Update #2 is now available on Xbox Live. The update/patch includes:

1. The "hacked" gear room allowing access to molotov cocktails, silenced G3A3, and allowing users to carry multiple primary weapons will now be an empty slot, thus not allowing users to have these weapons/abilities anymore.

2. The peek bug allowing a player to see through walls has been fixed. Users will no longer be able to "glitch" and see through walls.

3. Number of CO-OP attempts will now be recorded on the XBL Leaderboards.

4. Number of successful CO-OP missions on a dedicated server will also now be recorded on the XBL Leaderboards.

And on a much happier note, two free brand-new maps are set to be released tomorrow, March 23, 2004! The two maps are titled "Sharins" and "Close Quarter" and will provide Rainbow Six 3 Xbox gamers with yet more fun-filled hours of online multiplayer gameplay!

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