Xbox & Ps2 > Projector + HD gaming ??


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righty oh i shall be getting a new PJ in the next week or so. i want to have both ps2 and xbox connected to it. so im going to route component from both consoles into my amp then from amp to PJ so i can use component switching. do any of you reccomend what cables ? ie should i use the MS HD kit or will a 3rd party one suffice ?

next question is the talk of HD gaming. i have at the moment a crystal xbox on live as i love Halo 2 playing with mates. now i want to keep it that way as well as get 480 & 720 p to my Pj! is there any way what so ever to achieve this with out a mod chip ? have heard somestuff about softmodding but wont this get me banned of live as well ?

suggestions on both points will be appreciated



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yep thanks it looks the best cable. ive found it for £15 on lik-sang but will it be the same connections to the xbox ? or is the cable anycheaper somewhere else ?

any one have an idea's on the HD prob. i know there is a huge thread about it but i dont have the time right now to look through all those pages :)


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I got the HD cables from Lik-Sang it was about £30 in total with DHL shipping and took about 5 days.

However, my brother managed to get a brand new MS set of cables of ebay for £25 - and he got his next day

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