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Dec 19, 2002
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I have a Modded Pal Xbox outputing to a Hitachi Plasma Screen via component.

I have enabled the options in the M$ dashboard after having set it to NTSC

A couple of games when launched off the H/disk don't display correctly. ( The screen is ghosted and has a couple of vertical white stripes down it )

The games in question are ( Soul Calibur II, Freedom Fighters, and True Crime )

They will work fine once the xbox is set back to PAL

I have tried patching the XBE's using the progressive scan patcher but it hasn't made any difference

Evox is set to use NTSC to boot the games under the options as well

All the other games on there are working fine

Any ideas ???
Are the games in question originaly PAL or NTSC games?
unkown on these

but I do have Pal Games that run fine with region set to NTSC

i.e. PGR2, Rainbow 6 etc
Dunno about Freedom Fighters, but True Crime and Soul Calibur both support 720p. If this mode is enbled in your MS Dash, the game will use it.

Your plasma screen, XBox High-definition pack, or component leads might not work correctly in this resolution. If the Xbox hi-def pack is the official MS one, then this is unlikely to be the problem. If it's a 3rd party on, like the one Game sell, this is the most likely cause of the problem - they're crap.

Otherwise, check your component cables. If they're decent cables then it's either your plasma or your Xbox that's at fault. As a work around, go to the MS dash and disable 720p resolution. You'll still get 480p and the associated prog-scan benefits, and the 720p games will work fine in the lower resolution
freedom fighters is also 720.

I bet on it being the plasma.

If its the pma400 or the pd3000 try contacting the hitachi as we had some in the shop that needed to have a software update
I am using the official MS leads so will try disabling 720p in the dash.

The Plasma in question is a Hitachi 42pd3000 so maybe the tuner box needs a firmware update. It only arrived yesterday though. Maybe as its end of line I got an old Tuner box

Will disable 720p tonight to check
I have a Hitachi 32PD3000 and a modded X-box as my only source of HD material for now. It will not display 720p or 1080i on the component input (Same problem as original poster, white stripes and severe ghosting, as if there were 3 images displayed). Although, I am currently using an HDTV VGA box and using the VGA input on the tuner box, I get 720p and 1080i. Not the best solution, but it works.

I would love HD input using component and I am VERY interested if a firmware or software update exists for this tuner box! I contacted Hitachi and they don't know of any update...

Clancol - do you have any more info on what Hitachi did / and any other problems the media box was exhibiting so I / JustinRog can test ?
Disabled 720p - Works perfectly - so probably a fault with the tuner box.

Unfortunately dont have anything else that will produce a prog scan picture to test it out

Have attached pic when 720p is on to show you what I get


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well we had one in the store, the 400 model and the Pro scan was not working, not even 480p.
So we contacted hitachi and they new nowt about it but said that the 400 is a monitor only, that we should phone a different branch of hitachi. Hitichi computers i think,

The guy from hitachi computers informed us that because the 400 is a monitor and not a tv, and because they think that most users of the plasma would be buissnes folk, that the ps stuff was not included on some but not all of the models. A guy came out from hitachi and adjusted the guys plasma at home. and in store.
Worked fine after then. They also said the adjusment could be made to the 3000, (thats at least what he said)

You will have to search for the number tho as i no longer work for the company.
I know my TV supports progressive scan, but I do not think the pd3000 plasma series is actually compatible with 720p or 1080i on the component input. The best it can do is 525p according to the website. Which is a shame, because the screen seems to be capable as it works very well through the VGA port.

I think the fault lies within the Tuner Box, so I was wondering what the chance was of changing the Tuner, maybe getting the new 5000 series one which might have DVI and HDTV. I wonder if it would work with this plasma series? I have had my screen for more than a year, but still do not plan on changing my TV just for HDTV compatibility (when the screen is purely able to display the correct picture through VGA as well!). In another post of mine, I described how I found the same plasma but from Hong Kong, seems to have an extra "E" in the tuner box designation and the tuner allows for all HD inputs. The screens are the same PD3000 screens, only different tuner. It seems like Hitachi just "disabled" the "feature" just like Microsoft did on the PAL X-box. If only it was that simple to fix!

Totally off topic here but duke748, if I've interpreted your name correctly, get yo ass over here NOW :D
Hmm -

Spoken with a Hitachi Engineer this afternoon, Got bounced around 3 people before I got to him. He said it was disabled in the Service Menu.

When I asked how to get that up he asked who I was. ( He thought he'd been talking to a service agent. I stupidly didnt bluff and he refused to give me the code for the service menu.

Anyone know the Service menu code for this screen to check ?

Dunno how viable the information is
I rang Hitachi Technical Support and have confirmed that the AV3000 tuner box supplied with the plasma screen is NOT capable of displaying a High Definition signal. They mentioned that there is no setting in the service menu that can resolve this situation, it is simply the way it is. They also mentioned that some of the new 5000 series screens, the ones which include the same AV3000 box are also incompatible with HDTV!

There is conflicting information going round as when I simply rang customer support they told me it can display HDTV. What if someone then buys one on that statement, only to find out it doesn't!?

Well, it seems my quest has come to an end and I will have to live with my component->VGA Box temporary fix until I buy a new plasma! Something which I did not plan on doing for a while!

Did anyone get any further with finding an access code for Hitachi plasma?

Please share if you know it.


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