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XBOX Powering on unconnected Sky?


Active Member
Hi all. Not sure if anybody else has had this, but here's the scenario: Got latest beta so ran sky through XB to test, set to power on and off sky. Disconnected and ran sky back into av amp as before, so now sky and XB are on separate HDMI feeds into amp as before. Sky box is off, used xbox, turn off xbox which as expected turns off the tv, amp and xbox...then somehow the sky box boots up!!! Only thing I can think if is the amp is still picking up a slight signal from the sky off/on setting in the xbox. Any one else had this?

King Tones

Distinguished Member
Is it still setup as one of your devices, it does not have to be connected to the Xbox because the Kinect is the device that will turn it on or off.
Check in Settings and Devices to turn on or off and the Sky Box may still be active within that.

Hope that helps


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Hi. Cheers for that, I had been wondering the same this morning oddly enough, I had left the setting "live" as it were. Just surprised though as sky and xbox are behind wooden doors so kinect has no line of site, but as you say, must be part of the chain of events in the off process. Will most likely route sky through XB again when I can get the family up to spied using it big it's no deal beaker.


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Without question!! Come to think of it, I have a magic eye for the sky hidden ontop of my amp so it's probably sending and receiving thorough there. Will test tonight but makes sense. Thanks again. :beer:

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