Xbox Pad - Big or Small?


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Just wondering which one you lot use/prefer?

I'm still using the original which just seems to 'sit' better in my hands, and is very comfortable for uber long rainbow 6 sessions. And no i don't have hands like a gorilla.


S-pad much better :smashin:


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definatly the 's', but i still don't like the position of the black and white buttons.


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I'm a big bloke so i prefer the big pad!


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I also have both pads and i like the S pad, but it's also first one i used, Had i used the large pad first i would prob have liked that one more. It's what you get used to.
Altho i have put some rubber padding on the housing for the left trigger, My Middle finger on my left hand rubs against it and it get numb after a while.
Anyone else noticed this?


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S all the way.

yeah the triggers are naff for me. when playing project gotham my middle finger gets really sore near the top joint.
triggers are good for shooting games and they would be good for driving games if they could olny sort out the comfort issues.


S Pad for me and i also get a sore finger from the right trigger when playing PGR2


Big pad for me. I find it more comfortable, and I like the shape/distance between the 4 main buttons.


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Just as an aside, I have two 'big' controllers for my XBox, one official and one third party (the third party one is hardly used and only recenly out of the box)

If anyone is interested in swapping a big one for a small one then let me know.



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"S" for me cos it feels comfortable and i like the way the buttons are arranged and feel much more like buttons than the BIG pad - the big ones feel too small and plasticy, have to press hard on them!

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