Xbox owners with a Panny AE500 pj


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I started this thread off inthe projector forum, see this one for more details.

In short my AE500 is not recognising a PAL60 signal over RGB scart from my Xbox... or Dreamcast. Using composite scart is ok, as is using RGB scart in 50Hz.

The PS2's 60hz signal in RGB is also fine, though I am lead to believe this is a proper NTSC signal instead of PAL60.

The reason I am posting is in order to see if there are any other AE500 owners that can tell me if their pj works/doesn't work with an Xbox or Dreamcast in 60hz mode over scart RGB. This is basically to try and work out if I've got a dodgy pj, or there's a general problem with this model (it's certainly fine on the AE200 and AE300). Can anyone help ?

There's a few pictures of how the image gets messed up in the other topic.


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I cant answer this but if you have ae500 you should get the Microsoft High Def pack. Its only £20 and the best money you will spend trust me.

As for the Dreamcast I have a VGA lead. Again its £12 and the quality is amazing.


WPA has harrisuk has said and i suppose although the issue is quite worrying on a new pj, forget the rgb and go component from the xbox it is stunning.


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I just tested out using the high def component leads tonight and also had a look at the prog scan output from my friends chipped box, which really was quite stunning.

I'd always planned to get the high def pack, but was just worried that my pj could have a fault. According to a panasonic engineer PAL60 over RGb is not supported (though it seems to work on some AE500's so who knows)

Anyway, just about put it into every mode tonight, right up to 720p and 1080i and that was all fine, so lots of component cables to order for the GC, PS2 and Xbox, and the VGA box for the DC should I want to play on it as well.

Cheers all.


Thats quite a few concoles and heres me thinking i spend many hours on my xbox, or is that my girlfriend thinking that :D

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