XBOX (original) and VGA


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Currently have my modded XBOX connected via Component to my LCD TV

What I would like (due to running short on component inputs even with switcher) is to connected the XBOX to the TVs VGA input

Can this be done ? and how

Whats the cheapest best way to keep the 1080i of XBMC but via VGA ?


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Only way is either a component to VGA transcoder like this, or the new X2VGA2.

If you can find one then you could also use a X2VGA(+) which would mean you could sell on the Component pack...

webster j

there was a tutorial posted some time ago it might be on xbox-scene on how to build a vga cable but this also needs a vga bios


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No it wouldn't work. That lead just carries Component over a HD15 pin not proper RGB VGA - you need a convertor for that.

Some TVs accept component over a HD15 connection however...

Master X

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Wait so that device you just linked will upgrade (as good as the Xbox) to progressive mode WIHTOUT the need to softmod the dashboard to HD? This would work for playing Cube games in progressive on a Wii too, right...?

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