Answered Xbox One X, LG OLED65B7 and Arcam AVR850


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Hi guys,

Mods - please accept my apologies if this is best served in a different forum:

I took delivery today of a lovely shiny LG 65OLEDB7, and a beautiful beast it is too. At this point in time, my only 4K source is my Xbox One X, which I've had for a week. It's hooked up to my Arcam AVR850, and that in turn feeds the HDMI2 socket on the LG OLED.

This evening, I've been trying to get the One X to talk nicely to the TV, but it just doesn't seem to want to play ball: if I DON'T enable Deep Colour for HDMI2 on the TV, it will display a 4K image, but then it says that my TV doesn't support HDR. If I DO enable Deep Colour, then it refuses to display a 4K image at all, and then tells me that my TV doesn't support 4K.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious?



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Right - have tried connecting straight from the One X to the TV, and all the settings are ticked, which presumably means that my amp is doing something it shouldn't...

Jim Di Griz

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Its the amp not passing HDR probably? I had the same problem as have quite a few people.


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Thanks to @nabob over on the Receiver forum, I found out that the particular input I was using on the amp didn’t pass HDR. The others do, so I’m using a different input, and all works well!

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