Xbox one x cant read Destiny 2.


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I dont know if anyone can help but i have the one x not the new x the one before i get mixed up with them all.

Anyway i first started getting a message saying while playing saying cannot read game content and the whole thing crashing. I get the error nessage 0x8007045d.
I looked this up and did the power restart,i could play then the next time it crashes again.I reinstalled the game i did a complete reset of the system deleting everything and reinstaling the game. It plays and i can play for hours fine then the next day or next time i play it cannot read the game or it starts then crashes always giving me that error code.
Reinstalled everything many times now the xbox help doesnt help much so i was hoping someone may know something as i cant afford another x box and this is only a year old. The problem is i dont have a receipt as it was a gift.

Its just strange how it can play fine for hours log off then wont play again without a full reinstall.

Any help appreciated


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Is the console in Instant-On power mode? This can result in some odd behaviour after so long, from my past experience. You can try switching to Energy saving mode to see if that helps.

Have you tried playing other games, any issues?

From what storage are you playing - internal console storage or external? Try playing from the opposite drive if possible.

If you still have issues and suspect a fault I would first try registering the console at This may display when your warranty expires. If someone made an order online, such as from Amazon or another website, they can screenshot their order history to use as proof of purchase for any potential warranty claim with Microsoft. I'd try your luck with the retailer before dealing with Microsoft though.

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