Xbox one s with zeppelin air

james walker

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Some help to get my head around what I want to do would be great

So, I have an Xbox one s with plex and also an Amazon fire tv stick with access to prime music both accessed through the Xbox. Sky Q provides the TV side, also through the soundbar

I have a Bowers & Wilkins zeppelin air, which if I'm honest I don't really use the airplay facility for but it's such an amazing sounding speaker I want to be able to utilise it a bit more and want to consolidate my media usage through the xbox

What I'm wanting to do is to basically connect the zeppelin to my Xbox for music use only and continue to use the tv with soundbar for gaming and movies. Main reason is the zeppelin is located non central to the tv so won't sound right if it's used for that

Is there a way to switch the sound output to the zeppelin when I'm listening to music through the Xbox and switch back when gaming etc. Currently don't have an AVreceiver but willing to invest if required

Any simple help would be good...

Many thanks


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Search on amazon for audio switch with remote and you will get what your after. It will have to sit between either the HDMI or optical output on the Xbox with one going to the TV and the other the zeppelin speaker.

There are probably other ways of going about this though, like taking raspberry pi sticking plex on it and connecting that to the zepplin, then use plex remote on phone/tablet to control it assuming your music is reachable via plex, no need for audio switches.

james walker

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Thanks, really useful - now just trying to find out if the Zeppelin uses the onboard DAC when connected through AUX

Thanks again
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