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Had a quick search can't find anything recent so thought I would ask.

Im wishing to get a xbox one s for the disc drive and kodi support. I have read loads about kodi bugs about hard drives.

1. My hard drives are 5tb, will thsse be fully recognised by kodi and update the library and everything will be playable (my own ripped movies stored for convenience, saves space! ) combination of mkv, mp4 etc
2. Is audio pass through working yet?

Lastly are there any glaring playback issues (on the console in general) apart from DD etc?
Thankyou to anyone who can answer.
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yes, attached drives work in Kodi on the xbox, but not sure if they update the library i'm afraid.....

i've only used a flash drive to play files and had no probs playing stuff (mkv's mp4's etc....) never tried to update my library though.

but kodi with attached drives works fine on my xbox, never had any real issues...

no idea on audio pass thru, not something i'm interested in....

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