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As you already know I have an xbox one in my possession. Happy to take initial questions, but I am not uploading videos as I am not looking to get banned!

Is it from an illegal source, do you work in retail?
No it's not from an illegitimate source and I do not work for any retailer. I won't be entertaining any further questions on where it is from. It's not an import either - it's a UK unit even though the manual has a pic of a 2 pin plug (keen eye whoever spotted it)

Store prices:
Crimson dragon - £15.99
Ki ultra - £31.99 - single character 3.99
Power star golf - £15.99
Zoo tycoon - £49.99
Loco cycle - £15.99
Zumba fitness - unavailable - 24gb
Assassins creed iv - £54.99
Angry bird star wars - £35.19
Madden - £54.99
Just dance - 39.99
Fighter within - £49.99
BF 4 - £54.99
Need for Speed - £54.99
Dead rising 3 - £44.99 - Day one Premium edition (with DLC) - £64.99
EA NBA - £54.99
COD Ghosts - Comes up as £9.99 for those who purchased Digital version on Xbox 360
COD Ghosts - Hardened Edition - 54.99

What games do you have?
All the main launch titles

Does powerbrick and cord have same connectors as 360?
Powerbrick and cord are same as 360.

Initial day one setup?
Initial day one update - about 500mb, took 20min on my 50mb fibre line. On first boot up u choose language, time zone then network settings
1. it then starts downloading the update.
2. You then choose the power off state either low power mode or completely off.
3. Then you put in xbox live credentials
4. Kinect setup which primarily sets up mic and positioning

Any issues downloading games and playing?
I had issues downloading Ryse & KI initially, must have been some block for authorised reviewers only, but it went through in the end. To further add Ryse notified it was ready to play after 2% however it just took you to a loading screen within Ryse which took 10mins to reach 100% which allowed me to play the intro mission (whilst downloading rest of game in the background), then got kicked back to same screen to load mission 2 but it was already at 90ish% so got there pretty quick. - nice touch.

DD titles can be played offline (tried with Forza, Ryse and KI)

Comments on Kinect
Extremely impressed with the kinect functionality, I've had no problems with it not recognizing commands, the only issue I have is that I shorten some of the commands and hence not recognising them.

The only command which has been a bit hit and miss is 'xbox on' you really have to be clear when you say it, I assume its a bit more stringent in recognizing the command to ensure it doesn't accidentally pick up commands.

Distance - I got pretty close before It had issues (say 1m), so its a big improvement over Kinect v1

Auto sign in is absolutely instant.

Can you change your gamertage?
There is an option within the settings to change your gamertag.

Does Xbox one show HD space?
It doesn't actually tell you available HD space - well not anywhere apparent. I will take a deeper dive into the settings as it may be buried away somewhere. You can tell M$ are very much going for a simple/clean interface hence the exclusion of certain technical details - cant blame them with the success Apple have had deploying this strategy.

Whats UI navigation like?
UI nagivation is extremely fluid, can jump back from a game to netflix within a few seconds, I have videos...but haven't uploaded them. Trust me though its impressive.

It did however stutter slightly when I tried to do the same on very busy scenes in Ryse - I hope its just down to inefficient coding of the game given its a new console. I remember the 360 dash being extremely fast at the start and slowly as additional features were bolted on it slowed down slightly.

Downloading - I was able to download ryse and other apps whilst playing forza etc, so should see no reason why movies cant be downloaded whilst doing other things. Multitasking works very well!

Comments on HDMI passthrough?
Haven't had the chance to use the pass through yet, unfortunately I only have a linux based Satelite receiver (Dreambox) so cannot test Virgin/Sky integration (if any currently).

Initial controller impressions
Very pleased with the improved tactile feedback, ridges around thumbsticks and the improved d-pad (play alot of fighting games).
The shoulder bumpers however dont have as much depth compared to 360 controller though and feels a bit more stiff - maybe with increased play this may soften. The shoulder bumpers arent worse in my opinion or better...just different.

Overall I feel its a big improvement.

What are DLC options like?
Alot of existing games on the store have DLC options (including Ryse which I wasn't aware of) - I haven't attempted to check prices or purchase any DLC at the moment- but its easily visible on the store, when you select a game you just flick to the right to see available addons.

Ryse - First impressions?
visually stunning and very cinematic, controls are simple to pick up but concerned it might just be a simple button basher going forward. To perform executions it's a matter of pressing the correct colored button to what colour your enemy is glowing, the more stringed colours you get correct the brutality increases

So far 6 or 7 out of 10 (based on 30ish min gameplay and about 1hour gameplay at xbox one event)

Further few hours of gameplay: Solid 6.5/10, whilst visually its keeping me entertained, the controls are very basic and at times does feel pretty repetitive, also the game isn't hugely challenging.

Xbox Fitness
Just had a quick play on xbox fitness - thoroughly impressed by the selection of workouts from all the major fitness programmes. Workouts can range from a quick 10 minute workout to a full 1hr+ workout and they are grouped by pure bodyweight or with equipment (dumbells etc)

Extremely impressed with the accuracy of the kinect. To put it in perspective I hurt my leg several years ago and as a result shift slightly more weight on one leg than the other, osteos and physios have picked this up after a few sessions ( I do alot of sports), the kinect actually picked it up immediately (glowed on right leg highlighting more exertion than left), extremely impressed with it.

Also constantly shows ur effort and gives u encouragement when slowing down to ensure you pick up the pace

It does however have difficulty picking up my heart rate - haven't managed to get a reading yet

How noisy is the xbox one?
Actually didn't even cross my mind until someone mentioned it here. It's very quiet, put TV on mute to assess sound - very low whisper not noticeable.

Can you switch between games the same as apps?
Switching between games - can be done via kinect but games don't resume from where they left off (when switching between apps and games), however very quick transition nonetheless

Kinect cable dimensions?
Kinect Cable diameter is just under 1cm

The connector is quite chunky at 1.5cmx1.5cmx3.5cm, and may cause issues for people running the cabling through tight conduits. The other smaller block further up the wire is about the same size (not larger).

Can the Kinect recognise your voice easily?
I've found the kinect is very accurate at picking up voice, having no issues and not really altering the way I speak, only thing is you have to remember commands exactly e.g I keep saying 'Xbox home' when it needs to be 'Xbox go to home'

You do have to say the full name of the game to launch it via kinect, in some cases it recognises the game halfway through speaking it and launches the game immediatley.

There is however an xbox speech tutorial app which guides you through the commands - very helpful indeed





















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You mentioned 2 dead rising prices does it mention any difference between the games? What are your overall impressions of the system. WHERE DID YOU GET IT??? :thumbsup:


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What games do you have for it?
Dr3 premium day one edition includes the season pass and Los periods tourist outfit

I have forza and ryse with the xbox one, forza is pretty fun, the haptic feedback on the controllers triggers are extremely underrated, really adds a whole new depth to gameplay.

I have £200 of credit so will be getting KI and DR3,

Forza is taking a while to download but you can start playing it once download reaches 15%.

I will not be divulging where it is from.


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Is it as quiet as MS claim?


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Wow I thought killer instinct had always been marked as a free to play game with just the one character

What do you mean it was always the same as now.
1-one free character
2-pay for extra characters individually
3-get the complete (season 1) characters
KI does give one character free - it's having trouble downloading atm - assume it isn't ready

The kinect is very accurate at picking up voice, having no issues and not really altering the way I speak, only thing is you have to remember commands exactly e.g I keep saying 'Xbox home' when it needs to be 'Xbox go to home'

Only catch up video apps currently lovs are netflix, lovefilm and 4od. Netflix is a bit buggy has failed to load a few times


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Whats the general speed/slickness of the UI and features / SNAP etc


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KI does give one character free - it's having trouble downloading atm - assume it isn't ready

The kinect is very accurate at picking up voice, having no issues and not really altering the way I speak, only thing is you have to remember commands exactly e.g I keep saying 'Xbox home' when it needs to be 'Xbox go to home'

Only catch up video apps currently lovs are netflix, lovefilm and 4od. Netflix is a bit buggy has failed to load a few times
You won't be able to download anything from the store. That is blocked ATM unless you are on the reviewer list. Some journalists were tweeting about that this morning. KI will just stall from what they said until MS unlock all that later in the week.


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Really looking forward to your thoughts on ryse Indy

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Sky 50i playback
Blu-Ray 24p playback

Cheers :)
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