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Hi all I have the old Xbox One day one edition and I have had problems with dropping controller from day one and I have owned 2 controllers in that time and both do it.
I have found out the problem is due to weak wifi signal from the controller to the xbox as I have my xbox in a tv cabinet with a glass front and when shut I get random drop outs and random disconnects but with the cabinet open everything is fine no problems there.

I never used to get this problem on my 360 but I was tolled Microsoft fixed this problem with the xbox one s and new controller release but you had to have both to get the better wifi signal.

I would like to know if the Xbox One Elite Wireless controller has the new wifi fixed version built in or is it the same tech as the original xbox one controllers as the reason I am asking is I might want one and I am also getting a xbox one x so the new console would have the new wifi controller tech inside of it.

I just wanted to know if I should just stick with the new controllers or get a new elite controller but could not find out if it had the wifi connection fix in this device



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no help then ?


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The current elite controller has the old wireless radio, not the improved one included with the S model of controllers, so getting a current elite won't make any difference.

There is however a new elite controller on the horizon, it's not been officially announced yet but I've got a leaked picture of it, it's suppose to come out this year and given how the current elite is getting discounts worldwide at the moment, it looks like they are clearing out old stock ready for the new elite.

The new elite is more in line with the current S model so it will have both an improved radio and bluetooth support as well as some other small improvements.

@King Tones thanks for turning on the bat signal :p


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sorry for not getting back in touch, thanks for the info I think ill wait for the new version.

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