Xbox on Pv500


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Hi all

Getting my new Pv500 next Thursday and was wondering what games really are good on a HD TV. What about Far Cry Instincts is it good on a plasma?

Jazz Monkey Jr

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Far cry insincts looks a bit jaggy, like most games at 480p, but fifa looks better at 720p.

If you use the hi-def kit games look clearer at 480p, due to it being progressive, but do look a bit blocky on a large screen.







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damn I was hoping FCI was gonna be great, got to get it when i get back next week, along with a few others


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Far Cry Instincts looks bloody amazing in 480p on my PV500, I think mal used the wrong word when he said it looked blocky, it has jaggies which every xbox game has in 480p games don't use anti-aliasing and because 480p mode produces a much sharper image than 480i it accentuates the jaggies.It's a fair trade off since the picture looks so much better. I played the PC version and wasn't expecting much out of the xbox version but it looks pretty close to the PC version IMO.


I did word it wrong, it does look good, but 720p looks better (Fifa 06), and when the new xbox uses AA aswell as 720 min. res. it will look even better.

I did mean jaggies, not blocky :oops:

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