Xbox on JVC 26" HD LCD Looking Terrible



Hi, Im using a JVC LT26DS6B 26" lcd tv. Im trying to hook my xbox up to it with a good picture but with no success. My xbox is a pal console, and is chipped and i have a great understanding of xbox modding. I have tried using a rgb scart straight from my xbox to lcd ext 1 and the picture quality is grainy and detail is lost. The shading around the edges of objects look poor and it seems anti-aliasing is a problem. I have also tried connecting straight to the composite (r,w,y) connections on the tv using the cable that comes with the xbox, and this makes the picture even worse. Im also using a jvc home cinema system which includes my dvd recorder. The cinema system has component out which is what i use for playing dvd's going to the component in on the lcd. I tried going from my xbox using rgb scart to my home cinema, and then through component to the tv, but when i do this, the picture is terrible, and the screen size is messed up, it flickers and cuts off half the screen etc.

How can i improve the picture i get on my lcd, i had far better results with my old bush crt :(


You say "i have a great understanding of xbox modding" but you obviously dont have a great understanding about what cable to use.

Composite is the WORST connection possible, throw the cable away. RGB scart is better, but the Xbox RGB output is crap, so throw that away.

The only way you will get a good picture is to use COMPONENT (direct, not through some crappy home cinema system). Enable the HI-DEF modes on your chipped Xbox by switching it to NTSC mode.

If you dont see a massive improvement in picture quality, throw your TV away !!!!!!.

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