xbox not seeing files on PC's USB hard drive


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finally managed to get my xbox seeing the media on the my PC :) it only shares files that are on C:\ though, i have a USB hard drive with 2 NTFS partitions and a FAT32 partition. On my PC these are E:\ F:\ and G:\. When i choose music on the xbox i can only see the files on my C:\ drive, is there a way to see the files on the USB hdd?
thanks in advance for your help


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what are u using to stream? windows media player? Tversity?
In either u will have to add the specific folders u want shared so it'll see it.
Main My music folder on C drive must be default and so seeing it. Or mayb that
Or at least thats how ur post reads, have u selected the drives/or specific folders on the external drive to be shared?


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it's using the standard windows sharing, so i guess its using windows media players sharing. I can see the media in my WMP library on my PC just not on the xbox. Do i need to setup file sharing on the USB drive or does WMP take care of that?


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plug any usb devices - hard drives, flash etc. directly into the USB ports on the xbox

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