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xbox new vs used


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I'm looking to buy my 1st controller and I thinking about the xbox 360 or xbox one,I live on a fixed income so I'd like some feedback new or used and suggestions on a diff. controller,thanks
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Miss Mandy

Are you asking about console or controller? Your post isn't particularly clear.

If you're asking about console out of the two you should go for the Xbox One. The 360 is an obsolete console now and not really supported any more whereas the One is the current model.
Old consoles do have a large range of games and can be had cheaply, but they're going to be more prone to failure now due to their age. You can only buy used as they're not made any more, but you've no idea whether it will last a week or a year. Also some of the online servers for games have been shut down so some games may not be fully functional if you want to play them online.
The One will obviously be more expensive, but it's still current so gets regular updates and there are new games coming out all the time.
Personally I'd buy new as you never know how a used console has been treated by its previous owner. Here in the UK you can buy used from a retailer which will come with a retailers own warranty, but they're not much cheaper than buying new.

As for the controller, you buy the one that's compatible with whichever console you choose.


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thanks for the advice,some of the games I play come from steam(soma,aporia,the eyes of ara) and are played using my mouse/kb and are a pain so I thought a console would be alot easier...
your advice has helped me make up my mind and go with a new xbx one...thanks again...


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how are you connecting this to your PC ?
I ask as a new xbox one controllers will work using blue tooth or the xbox one dongle,
older xbox one controllers dont have blue tooth (be aware if you buy 2nd hand if there gen 1 or gen 2 controllers), xbox 360 dont have blue tooth at all and need the xbox dongle.

or you can use a USB cable on the xbox one controllers also I think.


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I just got my xbox controller and learning how to use it but can't figure how to p/u object,are there any you tube tutorials...thanks
I was playing conarium from steam...

Miss Mandy

Ah, so you were asking about a controller. If you'd clarified that earlier I'd have moved the thread to the PC section where it would have been more suitable and opened up some other options. There are lots of good PC controllers on the market, some are better value than the Xbox controllers.
I'm sure there are videos on YouTube, just do a search.

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