Xbox Music To Become Groove With Windows 10

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by PocketOperator, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I don't know if anyone here subscribes to Xbox Music (formerly Zune Music) but according to this: Microsoft are changing to their new Groove Music and shipping it with Windows 10.

    This may or may not be good news (I think changing the name is a good idea as tieing everything to Xbox is very confusing for non Xbox users) but as someone who's subscribed to the Music Pass service of Xbox Music for a few years now I'm a little concerned.

    I mostly download music for offline use and I'm not too sure what file format Microsoft will be using for the downloads. I suspect it'll be some Microsoft-specific file that is DRM-enabled meaning you are tied-in to just using their own player.

    It seems like a growing trend for music subscription services now to force you to use only their service when listening to music which can be a real pain especially if you use a couple of different services (as I'm yet to find any one service that has all of the artists and albums I want to download in one place).

    It's great that there's now so much choice out there for people to get music but it just seems to me like they're all very restrictive as to how you can actually listen to that music. I wish that they'd all just agree on a single format that you can download from their sites and then you can choose which player you want to listen to the music on. The same can be said for streaming movies and TV shows, just create a unified format that can be accessed everywhere without the need for having lots of different players.

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