xbox + monster component cable + le32r73bd = vertical stripes!



I have bought a monster gamelink 400 x component cable to attach my xbox to my samsung le32r73bd lcd tv. This is in preparation for softmodding the xbox to XBMC. Unfortunately, when I connect all together I get thin vertical stripes across the screen.

Any ideas/solutions?




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have you softmodded it yet? changed to NTSC and enabled High Def? Could be why its doing it but i'm not sure, just guessing


It was the same on my plasma before modding . Looked like faint vertical green/red stripes


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I get that a bit on 480p (using MS HD pack and Panasonic 700 HD Projector) but 720p and 1080i are perfect.

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My Wii did the vertical red/green line things on my old Hitachi LCD (official component). I thought my Wii was damaged at first, faffed around for a couple of months waiting for replacement stock, but then hooked it up to a now new Toshiba LCD and it's completely gone. I remember trolling dozens of topics on many boards and the probolem seemed to be random, Xbox/Wii included on different TVs, even not doing on TVs that it's done on others. My only guess is it's something to do with the component input. Running in NTSC mode you get the thick red/green vertical lines, and in PAL you get the thin white/transparent vertical lines. It ****** me off no end. It was so bad I gave up playing Twilight Princess halfway through. Looking forward to going back to it and starting again.

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