XBOX Media Center Extender Installation



hi there, there are 2 issues with the above extender that i would like some help with.

1) i seem to have very choppy live tv through my extender which has a wired connection through a linksys router - are there any known fixes for this as music etc works fine?

2) i decided to re-install my extender software on my pc to see if this solved the above problem but on re-installing, i was asked for my product key. my disks came in a XBOX game box and not the normal paper holders that normally have the product keys on them so i am not sure where i would have got these from originally?!

is there anyway i can find out my product key from the disk i have (which is a genuine bought XBOX set shipped in from the states)? i have called Microsoft support and they likened me losing my product key to losing a mobile phone - i.e. buy a new one! surely this is a way round this?

many thanks


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The PC disk comes in a paper sleeve with a yellow sticky label with the product key. You can use Belarc Adviser from to find all the product keys installed on your system. Hopefully you haven't actually removed the PC application & the key is still there.
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