Xbox - Machine Learning Auto HDR


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This is just amazing. Xbox have added an Auto-HDR machine learning based feature that will add HDR to games that aren't HDR compatible. Sounds like the results are brilliant.

For this sort of an AV enthusiast forum - isnt this the holy grail? HDR on old media......amazing stuff and tech.
got to say this is very cool, My Tv isnt very bright so while its HDR able, its not good at it but for some people with high nit Screens this has to be great news. Makes me want to ensure I get good HDR next TV I buy.


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Very impressive and really a game changer for me. To be honest I was thinking about cancelling my preorder and picking it up mid 2021, but this definitely changes that. My Q90R is fantastic with HDR so I’m very much now looking forward to it. Thanks for posting the link


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HDR on retro games doesn't interest me in the slightest (neither do retro games).


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It’s not retro game’s. It’s anything that doesn’t support HDR natively. So Wolfenstein games. Halo 5 etc....
Anything pre X1/PS4 is retro to me :)

While i'm sure some while like it, i've no interest in buying X1 or PS4 games because they now do HDR. Be nice for those new games i'm yet to play that don't have HDR on them though :)


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Doesnt this also mean that any game include new ones for Series X can have the same HDR applied on the fly ?

Yes. MS appear to be able to enable or disable it their end on a per game basis depending on how well it works. You as a console owner can't do that but you can switch it on or off globally if you don't like it. Which I guess means you can do it per game by constantly flipping it all on or all off as required. But if MS have disabled a game then it is always off.

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