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when xbox live hits the uk £50.00 get`s you 1 year subscription. what will it cost me to get connected & will they have a monthly fee were you get unlimited access or pay as you go.:confused:


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Depends what broadband options you have in your area. ADSL and cable have different pricing for connection. I don't know of any broadband service which is pay as you go, they're all always on, with a flat monthly subscription. Cable is usually slightly cheaper/month than BT, and quite a bit cheaper if you have cable TV in the package too.


i`m with ntl they`ve got broadband in my area because they rang me a bit a go to see if i wanted it.glad to hear that it is flat rate just think how much it would if it was pay as you go like it was on dreamcast.


The £50/year is also just for the 1st year. After that, Microsoft will presumably bring in a monthly fee for XBox Live service, but they haven't announced what it's going to be yet.

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This is just specualtion but i have a feeling Microsoft are gonna look to tie up deals with BT and NTL and do cheap packages for people signing up to Xbox Live.

I think the Broadband operators will go along with it as people using DSL and Cable for Live wont use anywhere near the bandwith PC owners who download from P2P, file sharing programs do.

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