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Apologies if thius has been asked before but i wil ask anyway.

How do i wirelessly connect my xbox to xbox live, i will obviously need a wireless router, but what do i need to plug into the back of the xbox? and any suggestions on which wireless router to get, i only need to connect my pc and xbox to it, and possibly a ps2 if that can be done as well, oh and where is a good place to get all the required stuff from and how much.:confused:


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I use the Netgear MR814v2 and ME101 and have had no problem at all with LIVE (other than winning races:eek: )


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Aaah so thats how its done, cheers guys.


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I use a Netgear ME101, works a treat. in the US there is a MS Xbox official Wireless adaptor.

as above a

ME101 Wireless Bridge
3com Wireless access point
Cisco 837 router

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