XBox Live - what are YOU playing?


Just curious, I got only got my XBox a couple of weeks ago and picked up a copy of PGR2 but there doesnt seem to be the volume of people on it I was expecting. I guess it has been out for quite a while so a lot of people are kinda bored of it and am hoping that when they release the DLC then maybe more people will start playing again. I also have Lonks 2004 but havent tried that online yet (am just building up some stats first).

The main reason I got the XBox was to play against people online, so what are people playing at the moment?


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I'm playing PRG2 pretty much as much as i can, i just love it. Not sure about what you said about not many people playing, always seem to be loads of people on when i play, late evenings mostly. Also dabble on rainbow 6, Links(which is really good if you play with 'like minded people') and Top Spin which i don't play too much as i suck. And just getting into SC:pT which i think will require more time than i've currently spent on it.


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Remember that the bulk of people using XBL are yanks and they are between 5-8 hours behind us.


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I'm really tempted to buy an x-box myself, the crystal is almost giving me that last bit of encouragment I needed to buy one. The Live would also be a selling point because it sounds much more accesable than PS2 online which I haven't even managed to get off the ground yet.
If I can ask another question to this thread, are there any great Live games for casual gamers like myself, I don't like having to spend hours on end playing SP to stand the slightest chance of being able to join the online experience. If I do buy the x-box I'll probably only get a couple games to start off with, any recommendations? Splinter Cell PT sounds too tough for me BTW;)


Tetlee - I bought the xbox precisely because I wanted to play casually and when I had the chance. PGR2 is actually really good for that - has taken me a week or so to unlock enough cars to make myself competitive in Live races, the only downside is that most people seem to want to race Ultimate cars all the time which tbh I find a bit boring, especially when people have got the TVR (I cant see me ever unlocking that).

I bought Amped 2 but I dont like it and am taking it back. I also have Links 2004 (excellent game), Ghost Recon (which I will have to take back as I can only play for about 30 minutes before it makes me want to chuck :( ), and am thinking about something like Top Spin as it looks good. Rallisport Challenge 2 looks good as well, and am looking forward to getting a game when it is released so hopefully will get to play it at its peak. Other than that, hopefully this thread will come up with some good suggestions for live :)

As for the XBox - I waited a loooong time to get one and am now v v glad I did - definately worth a buy.


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Thanks for that Kronenbourg, I think I'm finally convinced, provided I don't change my mind overnight I think I'll be driving like a Gotham into Exeter tommorow to buy myself an x-box
Rainbow 6 seems very popular but I haven't got it myself. I may try and swap it for Counter Strike which I didn't like. PGR2 is superb and you will get huge fun out of it. Don't expect to win straight away as there are some superb players out there but there is fun racing to be had.

My fave still is Ghost Recon Island Thunder. Available for about £15 and brilliant on live, especially if you can jump into a team game.

Also, MotoGP 1 or 2 if you like bikes.

Splinter Cell is quite involved and you're better off finding freinds and arranging online games as I get the impression people just drop in and out all the time which is not suited to it at all.


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i am playing at the moment or have played
pgr2 :)thumbsup: )
conan (have only 1 other person on live so far)
mtx mototrax (noy played much but i do like what i have played)
rainbow six 3 (great game)
ghost recon island thunder (£19 the best value game )
links 2004 (nice to relax and chat)
top spin (good game limited to 2 players )
counter strike (dated but fun)
soldier of fortune (lots of fun not played much anymore )


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Crimson Skies does it for me, time really flies (ahem) by when playing it, Great way to kill a couple of hours.


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try posting on the "online gaming" bit,youd get a much better response.
most people would be more than willing to show you the xbl ropes.
i can usually be found on rainbow 6,pgr2,g.r.i.t and links.all can be picked up quite cheaply around the £20 mark.

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