Xbox Live (well Halo 2) connection problems

Sting King

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Hi guys,

Im having problems joining a particular friends party in Halo 2, when I try to join the party it says 'xbox cannot connect you because of network problems' or words to that effect.

My friend also has the same problem when trying to join my party.
I have played with this friend plenty of times in the past, just havent been able to connect for the past few days.

I have joined other friends parties and vice versa, it just seems to be a problem with this particular friend.

Any Ideas :lease:

By the way, I connect to xbox live through a wireless connection, using a Netgear DG834g V2 router and Netgear WGE111 wireless bridge, pipex 1mb connection (fastest I can get at the mo in my area).

Thanks in advance :)


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Have either of you reset your routers or changed anything in the config?

Might want to take a look at the connection FAQ on xbox live support site as there a few suggestions on there

Had alot of problems with some mates in the past and it came down to one persons firewall not allowing all the relevant info through from xbox live


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I've got a similar Netgear setup and had no problems until recently when a mate of mine bought Netgear equipment as well!

It would appear that they didn't want to talk to each other :confused: and so we had to resort to port forwarding (or something like that) to resolve it. The details were in the FAQ section on the Netgear site (or Forum?).

Sting King

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Thanks Guys, I'll ask my mate what router he's using, I Havent changed any settings etc. on the router for quite some time now.

I have heard of port forwarding, I will look into this (Im a bit of a network novice) so I'll probably be back for more help!

I will try 'Live' tonight on a wired connection.

Thanks again

Sting King

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Hi Guys,

Configured port forwarding and now its sorted, thanks for your help its much appreciated.

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