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Anyone good at this stuff? Hope this makes sense.....

I have a one X that I use and my boy uses my original, one. On the original console he can use Xbox live but if he uses mine it says he needs an Xbox live account. We can play online together on the separate consoles so it must only be something minor that's still giving me issues

I've added him as family on the Microsoft site and he can use Xbox live and down load my games from my one X but just can't do anything on my one X.

Although at times it does crop up with needs Xbox live or gamepass on the original Xbox on his profile if he tries to download something I've not already got on gamepass

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Set his Xbox as your Home Console and then on yours make sure your account is Auto Sign in and then when he logs into either Xbox with his account he should have access to your live and games.


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My son and I did this and it worked.... But be aware you can only change your home xbox a set number of times during a year period. I found this out the hard way one day having not realised (for some reason only known to him) that my son had been changing the home xbox periodically.


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See this: Xbox Support

You need to choose one Xbox to be your home Xbox, and on that one your son can login and share your Xbox live etc. without having separate (duplicate) subscriptions.

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