Xbox Live keeps disconnecting from Wireless Wifi


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As the title suggests, I'm having major problems with my Wifi.

I used to have the hub/modem in my bedroom, but as of about 3 weeks ago, it got moved into the sitting room due to purchasing new landline telephone. As of about 2 weeks ago, I've started having problems with my xbox live whereby it keeps dropping and disconnecting. To say this is frustrating is an understatement, my xbox has nearly gone through the window numerous times especially when playing FIFA online.

Can moving the modem downstairs really made that much difference and would moving it back upstairs really solve the problem. I have tried all the usual stuff like disconnecting the modem and reconnecting it and trying to reset the connection, but nothing seems to work. What puzzles me though is that if I use my laptop of iPhone in my bedroom, I don't have any problems at all with the Wifi, it's only my Xbox!

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? I currently get an 8mg connection with Sky.


Mr Noble

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The further you move it away from the router the signal will decrease, even on 50mb line I was getting random dropouts on my slim 360 (think they've put crap cards in to start with)

Anyway if your phone is cordless too, make sure your router is on a different channel to your phone :) try reposition your hub too :thumbsup:


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maybe try to change the channel of your router/modem, maybe there are too much routers in your neighbourhood on the same channel!

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