Xbox Live Hacked 25th May 2011

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If you go to the Xbox Live Dashboard you will see all the content can not be accessed. This has never happend before and reports indicate that Xbox Lives security may have been comprimised.

First PSN now Xbox Live this is seriously very worrying

XBox Live Hacked or Suffering Connection Issues. May 1, 2011

And it turns out there directors account for Xbox Live has been hacked as well. We are pretty much screwed if they can access a directors account and hack there way in then theres no telling whats going to happen


Anything can be hacked and nothing is guaranteed to be 100% hack resistant. It's always going to be a game of cat and mouse with hackers and system administrators.

Whatever problems MS had today with the Market Place it was back up and running several hours later.


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Over-reactions about an hour or so marketplace downtime (it has happened before btw) on random unheard of website......check

months old irrelevant news about Major Nelson account hack......check
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