XBOX Live Gaming through Proxy server?


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Hi guys.

Was wondering if anyone had tried the above? I sometimes have the oppurtunity to take my xbox in to work (as no-one else is in and have nothing to do at the time :p), and have tried before to go on live, but it can't be done on the network :(

To get internet access etc, we have to go through a proxy server, but there's nowhere to input a proxy server info into the xbox?! So I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar situation/has managed to get it to do it?

I was wondering when going through ICS on to a PC would allow it to work at all? But I'm guessing maybe not?! Or would I need to do some sort of tunnelling to get it to work?

Any help in this situation would be great :)

Thanks in advance, and look forward to reading replies :)


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Not really sure, I've never heard of anyone successfully doing it but then that's because most people in this predicament are trying to get through university proxys and a lot of them will just let you if you ask nicely and provide MAC address etc.

The only suggestion I would have other than asking nicely is to connect via the PC. If you have a spare connection on your PC, hook the 360 up and check the connection is active and then CTRL select both network devices and right-click and "bridge connections".

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