Xbox Live Gamertag ideas?


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10m Network Cable - anyone know where you can get them for under £10?


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How on earth did this thread go from Xbox Live Gamertag ideas? to 10m Network Cable:confused:

Strange change.


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sorry i copied and pasted the wrong title from another thread, iv just realised :rolleyes:



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Just short enough to be a gamertag. Just long enough to reach the router.

It's the perfect solution to both problems :)


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"10m Network Cable" would be a bit of an odd Gamertag, but who knows what kids call each other nowadays. :rolleyes:

Seriously though I got my cable from an Amazon seller for a few quid.


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I got a 10m cable from Aquarius Computers an Amazon seller.

It was about £1.50 with maybe £4 postage.

Something like this.


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chekc ebay, i picked one up for about £5 a few months ago.

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