Xbox Live game download corrupted!

Bill Hicks

Hi all.
I have twice downloaded Psychonauts tonight off of Xbox live's original Xbox games list and both times the game does not work!

I finnished the download twice and the game shows on my HDD as "Corrupted data!"

Anyone else experienced this recently? I made sure that my HDD had enough free space (7.4GB!) for this 5.2GB download.

I'm going to give them hell on the phone tomorrow because I lost money before with Xbox live on a HD video download that ended 10 minutes before the film's climax, and I'm not prepared to loose another £8.00 to them again! :mad:

P.S. Does anyone know the correct number for me to phone tomorrow so that I can get this sorted.

Many thanks.


Distinguished Member
the number is 0800 587 1102

there was some issues with this game,amongst:

Psychonauts: HDMI 720p is not supported for PAL users. Running the game in 720p over HDMI will result in the game locking up for PAL users. If you are using HDMI output, set the resolution to 1080i or 1080p (anything but 720p)

and the fact, it doesnt work over VGA,so either only composite, component,or hdmi at 1080i/1080p

its a PAL 50hz game..

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