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Jan 26, 2003
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north london
Please Help

Every 10-20 minutes my xbox says 'connection failure' and boots me out of game.
I have tried everything, connecting directly through modem, thru pc, wirelessly and even tried all of this with another xbox.
Still keeps doing it.

I have spoken to microsoft, and they say it is not there fault but vlueyonder's.

I have spoken to blueyonder and they say its not there line.

I am going to throw the whole lot away soon in temper. Annoyingly i have been playing live for 1 year, and no problems my 1MB has been rock solid then suddenly on Friday this happens.

Any suggestions???
This is what I would do
make a direct connection to the cable modem to eliminate any interfearance then wait for the connection to drop out then do the set up wizz on XB then ping the connection

Also when you XB connection fails does your PC loose connection
if your running them at same time ?
Seeing as your in north london and have blueyonder(same here)
Ive had a lot of trouble on and off playing online pc games,blueyonder tell me theres nothing wrong also with their line,your best bet is to change isp which is what i will doing soon.
If you've confident that it's not an issue with your internal network, you could try changing the upload channel ID on your cable modem (assuming it's the old Motorola Surfbroad). Sometimes there are too many users in one area on the same upstream channel, which causes delays in requesting packets, and hence lag and disconnects. It's a long shot, but I was having loads of lag playing PC games a few months back, and after an unsuccessful tech visit and loads of useless tech-support calls, this certainly helped.

Go to the modem's configuration page ( I think, or it might be and change the upstream channel ID (valid numbers are 1 through 6). Then restart the modem. Sometimes not all 6 channels are available, in which case it'll revert to its original setting - just try again with a different channel number. Try two or three different IDs and see if it helps. If you've got a PC it's a lot quicker to test this by playing Unreal Tourny or some other PC shoot-em-up.

Also, out of interest, do you have 512 or 1meg? I got 1meg, which is supposed to be 256 upload, but on the Xbox dashboard connection page, when I press 'y' to get the connection diagnostics, it only reports about 138k upload. Anyone else seen that?

Good luck :)
My internet for my computer does disconnect when live does. Every time i hop into a game it says game over and says i win... than i get back on by restarting the the x box and I've lost more exp (On halo 3). Please someone help it is very frustrating.
Our PC disconnects fairly regularly when I'm on the lap top downstairs and my son is on line gaming on the PC upstairs.

What we discovered is that if he bypasses the wireless router i.e connects the PC directly to the modem he has no problems with it disconnecting.

This is a new router. So is it the router or is it a cable? Who knows but when I get time I'll try and find out.

Don't know if this helps but you never you?:D

Good luck:smashin:

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