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Sorry for being a complete cabbage as I have read an earlier thread similar to this one I am starting, but it didn't really answer my questions :rolleyes: I am awaiting delivery of an Xbox, Live starter pack and a few games and just wanted to ask a couple of questions. I to thought the Xbox had a built in modem :suicide: Obviously I know it hasn't now, and have been looking at the various different methods for connecting it to the internet. If I took the easiest route, just connected an ADSL USB broadband modem directly to the Xbox and into the wall phone socket would the modem not require drivers of any kind to operate? I am maybe thinking of getting a router which would be better then the PC could be used at the same time as the Xbox but again the PC is miles away from the TV and Xbox so it would either involve running a huge cable or making a mess hiding one :rolleyes: :confused:

My other question is can my Xbox Live account be used from a different address? As I am house sitting for a couple of weeks, and the house has an ADSL connection, or does the registration require it to be connected via a fixed (one) telephone number only. Thanks for all the help it is much appreciated:thumbsup:


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Firstly, the modem nor xbox need any drivers as they communicate using ethernet. Just pluig your xbox direct into your ethernet capable modem (USB only modems no good) and away you go.

If you are going to get a roiuter I would recommend one of the all in one routers like the Netgear 834 then get a wireless ethernet bridge for the Xbox. Take a look at the lionk below. Best way to connect the Xbox if a lttle way away from your other kit.

Re using your account at a different address. Yes. Either save it to a memory card or use account recovery.


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Thanks for the reply Messiah that seems like the best option really, not as expensive as I thought too! Thanks again :smashin:

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