Xbox Live and ZoneAlarm

Geordie Jester

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Anybody out there know how to configure ZoneAlarm to allow Xbox Live access. ?

I get the feeling its blocking a required port or something. Any way to persuade (the freeware ver) Zonealarm to not block ?


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You will need to make the IP address a trusted host, I think you can do this in the the advanced settings.

Get the IP address off the X-Box, go to the settings section there should be any area to allow traffic from connected PCs etc.

Sorry I am really sketchy on the details but it has been ages since i used Zone alarm and I am at work.

I can have a look when I get home.


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Ahhh found it on my version.

Firewall > Zones tab > Add....

Select the IP address option and put in the X-Box IP it should be listed as a trusted IP.

Now try Live if you still have problems you will have to set the trusted zones IP settings to low.

Hope this helps.
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