Xbox Live and Pipex


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Im trying to get my brothers Xbox live up and running, but there is a problem. The xbox keeps saying it cannot find the DNS server even though I have put in the settings.

The xbox is plugged into a network card with a crossover cable and the connection is shared out from the PC.

Anyone had this kind of problem with there live?




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I've set mine up through a router with Pipex and its fine.



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Must be something to do with the PC setup then.

Anyone got it working with Pipex through a shared connection on a PC rather than stright into a router?

Monster, thanks for letting me know that pipex will work with live.

As you can imagine i can't wait to get it going as I want to try PGR2.


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What version of windows are you using there are thing you need to do like activate the ics part of so the pc knows its sharing the link or somethin me brother had to do whilst using a connection though a PC I will ask and check this out he use to get the same error if he didnt do this



have you checked the xbox website, there is a guide on setting up live with a shared connection there


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Well I was sharing out the wrong connection!!! :censored: idiot!

Now when I try and use sharing on the connection to the xbox I get an error message.

(See below)

The xbox is connected and the connection is enabled.

Anyone got any idea what could be causing this?


silly question but are you using right sort of cable to connect your xbox to the pc?? if you have the right one two lights should come on on the back of the xbox, dunno if that might be it.

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