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I'm just about to get broadband. I understand that there may be some issues connecting my Xbox as BT use USB modem's which are not compatible with the ethernet connection on the back of the Xbox

Is this the case ? if so what are BT going to do when they become one of the official partners of MS for Xbox Live ?

Any suggestions on the best option would be appreciated - if that means waiting another 6 months for BT to launch an official XBOX live pack then that's fine. If not advise on routers etc would be needed

Many Thanks


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It depends on what package you have bought.

For instance I recently just bought the "wires only" package from Nildram (Nildram are highly recommended, THE fastest ADSL provider in the UK).

The wires only package means I have to provide my own modem/router. Dependant on your situation you have the following options :-

1) If you have ordered an engineer install with an USB ADSL modem, then you will have to connect the modem into a PC or router before connecting it to the X-Box.

2) If you have ordered wires only and have multiple connection devices (X-Box and PC) then buy an ethernet router, check out www.dslsource.co.uk for prices. I would definately recommend Netgear equipment. If you have the cash I would investigate a wireless router, it is a lot more expensive but easier on the old cable logistics.

3) If you have ordered wires only but only wish to connect to the X-Box then order an ethernet ADSL modem, these are cheaper than the routers.

As for router advice, do not always look at the cheap options, I bought a cheap Conexant router and have had nothing but trouble with it. Once I get the cash it will be upgraded to a wireless one. Check out www.adslguide.org and www.dslsource.co.uk. Once you have decided on a model you can hunt around, for ease of use I would recommend looking for the following options :-

10/100 Mbit
NAT - Network Address Translation, allows you to run multiple PCs on one IP address, also helps against hacking.
In-built Firewall
Port Forwarding - Allows a NAT router to open up ports to a specific PC, this is needed for file sharing programs.

Most decent routers will offer these features.


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Thanks mate,

I've gone wires only at the moment so that gives me some flexibility.

A quick search on google comes back with an announcement from BT about a 'home hub' for Xbox live and ADSL. At extra cost it looks like a piece of kit that goes back into the phone socket to allow the xbox to be connected together with the PC. I guess I will have to wait till march to find out more / how much so I may just go PC broadband at the moment and wait for the BT 'add on' pack

thanks for the answer


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BT's home hub, will simply be a rebadged router from another company.

If you buy a normal 4 port ADSL router that will be exactly the same. There are quite a few people on the forum actually running one, so recommendations for exact model would be best from them.

That will allow you to connect your PC, and when the time comes you will be able to simply plug your X-Box in.

Dom H

If you have a USB adsl modem then u need to plug the xbox into the NIC of your PC and enable ICS, internet connection sharing.



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Looks like it would be perfect if you want to just connect your PC and X-Box to the service.


I would recommend Asus, 3Com and Netgear for routers. Had no problems with any of them. Beware of cheap no brand ones. They can cause all kinds of problems.



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Simply are doing the Netgear DG814 for £99 plus VAT - and free delivery. That's the cheapest I've seen it and it's had very good write-ups. It's an ADSL modem and router combined.



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Cheers boys

Just ordered Broadband through Pipex and a Netgear DG814 router + the XBOX live starter kit

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