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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by jami1, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Any issues I should be worried about if I brought and Xbox 360 here (india)and imported it to USA. I been reading around and some of the forums report that the XBox360 is not region protected as far as games are concerned but. some of them are not clear and just leave me with more questions than answers.

    What are the possible issues I might have if I brought and Xbox360 here and import it to the US.

    Last I read is that MS left it up to the publisher if the wanted to encode their games to work in a certain region. But I am not sure. Also I know that there is pal and NTSC.

    The other question is, if I brough and Xbox here, upon powering on for the first time will Ibe asked what region I want to set it up in or does the Xbox360 in india come preloaded for asian region. that is what Iam confused about.
    I come back to the US in 2 months and will not be going back to india. But at the same time I am bored out of my mind here.

    thanks for any help in advance.

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