Xbox In Car With Screens, What parts ?


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I have an xbox which I am going to chip so I can put a bigger harddrive in it and use it as an in car DVD player, MP3 player and Games system.

I would like to setup the Xbox in the boot of the car. I already have a 12v to 240v 150w invertor so I can easily wire that up but what I need to do is run the Xbox via a VGA cable into 2 screens in headrests of the car and have an FM transmitter so I can output the sound on the car stereo.

Has anyone set this up ?

I suppose I will need screens capable of displaying at least 640*480 because I will be using something like this Convertor so what screens are half decent and can run this res ?

I will have to chop the headrests about to install a removable screen case so I can remove the screens when the car is parked up.

So the list so far..

2 * Screens which can display at least 640*480 but higher if possible, must also be removable.

1 * FM transmitter.

Thanks Ivan

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Hi Chavyboy,

Depending on the cars existing headrest you could try these:-

Saves you from chopping the headrests you would have to get some headrest covers to hide the screens.

This Digital FM Modulator would probably do you:-

My expeience of having a PS2 in the boot was not good as I had to switch it on everytime. There is a company called big cat tecnollogies who have a dedicated lead and remote eye for the PS2 they may also have one for the XBOX.

There are some usful av accessories on this page that may help you.




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Are there currently any 1024*768 res monitors out there that can be fitted in the headrests ?

Thanks Ivan

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